Vulnerability Scanning Tools & Services

Standards for cyber security are always evolving. To keep data belonging to your company and customers safe, you must employ an arsenal of tools. This includes vulnerability scanning tools to help you discover weaknesses in your systems so that they can be patched before they’re exploited.

Scanning for vulnerabilities should be a regular responsibility of a full IT department. But if your staff need to stay focused on other core goals and responsibilities, consider partnering with a provider who can offer vulnerability scanning as a service. NIC has been a trusted IT partner since 2002 because we work with each client to help mitigate threats specific to their systems and industry at large. Our team of experienced IT professionals use cutting edge techniques and technology to scan your network for vulnerabilities that might otherwise give criminals access to your data and expose you to liability.

Keeping You Compliant

Organizations like the PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards require vulnerability scanning as part of working with certain credit card companies. Any time you’re dealing with financial information and personal data from customers, you’re held to a high standard of accountability for how you protect that data.

You don’t want to be found out of compliance simply because you didn’t have the proper vulnerability scanning tools or knowledge to mitigate your risks.

Mitigating Risks

The techniques employed by cyber criminals are getting more advanced every year. You can’t afford to be unaware of the constant changes in technology. Once a criminal finds a back door into your system, it’s already too late. Consequences can range from a bad reputation for your brand to legal consequences and catastrophic financial loss.

At NIC, we use vulnerability scanning tools that are constantly updated to keep up with the known cyber threats. Once we discover the existing vulnerabilities in your system, we can conduct penetration testing to help determine how effective your current security controls are. Can a hacker bypass your security to compromise your system, take down a server, or install malware on a server? How easy is it for someone to get unauthorized access to one of your internal systems? We’ll help you find out.

Get Help Before It’s Too Late

The time to implement vulnerability scanning tools is before real hackers learn how to exploit the weaknesses in your systems. NIC provides vulnerability scanning as a service that can help you actively test security controls and put security measures in place to mitigate your risks.

Our job is to make sure your security controls are doing their job. Contact NIC for a free IT services consultation. Our team will work with you to find cost-effective cyber security solutions that will protect your company.